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School and Allergies

13 Allergy and Asthma Issues in the School Classroom

Building maintenance

To find out how seriously a school takes its indoor air quality, you can even ask to see a log of the number of filter changes on the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system in the last six months.

Six More Questions to Ask:
•    Is there a no-idling policy for school bus drivers and parents?

•    Are there barrier floor mats at school entrances to collect dust and allergens? How often are they cleaned, and is a vacuum with a HEPA filter used?

•    Are the least hazardous cleaning supplies used, and is work with toxic and odorous materials done when the school is not occupied by students?

•    Is the area ventilated well afterward?

•    Is a scent-free policy in effect?

•    What system is in place to check for mold?

Resources for Schools
– The Environmental Protection Agency’s Indoor Air Quality: Tools for Schools Action Kit.
– Health Canada’s Tools for Schools/ Action Kit for Canadian Schools

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