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The Travel Section

How to Travel Well with Food Allergic Kids, Escape to Sun

Top 10 Rental Questions

Decide which factors are the most important to your family. Do you want a pool, to be on the beach or both? Do you want a cook, or do you prefer to cook? To get you started, here’s my Top 10.

1. How much is the villa, are there any taxes, what deposit is required?

2. How many bedrooms, and what type of beds are in each?

3. How many bathrooms and do they have bathtubs or showers?

4. Does it have a pool and are there steps into the pool?

5. Is the villa suitable for children?

6. How far to the nearest hospital and airport?

7. How far to the beach and is it suitable for children?

8. How many staff are there, what days/hours do they work, what tip is expected for the staff?

9. Does the villa have any pets?

10. Is a car and/or driver required for groceries and getting around?

Villas on the Web

Some Internet resources, which I have used, to help you find a villa:

  • – selection of villas throughout the Caribbean.
  • – a beautiful collection of luxury villas all over – moderate and high-end villas around Jamaica.
  • – a selection of villas in Turks and Caicos.

Additional resources, which I have not used, but which look promising:

We highly recommend reading: Scott’s Rules for Travelling with Food Allergies

See Also:

  • “Have Kitchen, Will Travel – to Europe,” here.
  • Tips on flying with food allergies, here

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