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School and Allergies, Asthma

It’s Off (Gulp) to Kindergarten

After Julian was not invited for a couple of play dates, and was un-invited to a birthday party, I learned the hard way that my explanation to other parents that “even trace amounts of peanut could be harmful” may have led to misunderstandings.

I had not put risks and precautions (such as having an auto-injector available) into context for them; I’d simply alarmed them. Some parents felt they could not keep Julian safe in their homes.

I realized how important it was to watch that my concerns would not scare people or douse Julian’s enthusiasm for the school experience. As he learned to take on more responsibility, and as the anaphylaxis policy became more entrenched, my anxiety lessened. Thanks to the support of the school community, Julian sailed through his elementary years and I came through with my sanity intact.

Laurie Harada is the Executive Director of Anaphylaxis Canada.

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