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Spring 2005

Allergic Living Spring 2005 Cover

  • Vaccine Quest : Peanut-allergy research explored.
  • Environmental Allergies : Breathing easier this spring.
  • Happy Campers : Finding a good camp for an allergic kid.
  • Sulphites Cook Up Trouble : The additive that sparks anaphylaxis.
  • A Kiss is Not Just a Kiss : Tips for dating with allergies.
  • Sabrina’s Law : Tragedy inspires a law to protect anaphylactic students.
  • Ask The Allergists: About travel, pets and hidden wheat.
  • Nutrition : The milk-free diet.
  • Natural Beauty : The sun and sensitive skin; the best spring products.
  • Food: Delectable entrées, superb salads.
  • Plus: Safe restaurants; cool products; the hypoallergenic cat.


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