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Spring 2010

Allergic Living Spring 2010 Cover

5th Anniversary Issue
Future of Allergies Special Edition

Contents Include

  • Future of Food Allergies: real progress on the horizon. Read more
  • Research on a Roll: pills, ‘pednuts’ and vaccines.
  • Plasticizers, allergies and pollution: new asthma connections.
  • Pets, asthma and pollen: research headway. Read more
  • Celiac Disease’s Future – Will you eat gluten again?
  • Allergy News: Peanut allergy more than triples [Read more]; Air Canada’s response to nut accommodations ruling; cats in the cabin and asthma ‘disability’ [Read more], EpiPen updated [Read more].
  • Currents: Canadian Network for Respiratory Care’s special asthma and allergy supplement. Read more
  • Ask the Allergists: latex allergy; peanut reaction and puberty; autism and allergy; and managing sesame allergy.
  • Sabrina’s Law: the first anaphylaxis law turns 5. Read more. The Pollen Forecast: From NASA’s role to backyard testers.
  • Southwest Cuisine Recipes, including allergy-safe Turkey Tortillas, Chipotle Chili with Cornbread, Black Bean Burritos and Rhubarb Mojito.
  • The Comeback Kid: A boy’s strange trances stopped with a celiac diagnosis.
  • Hot Topics: Laurie Harada on how to restaurant-proof your tween or teen.


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