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Summer 2007

Allergic Living Summer 2007 Cover

  • Killer Air: Why asthma needs its own green revolution. [Read more]
  • Ask the Allergists: latex allergy in children; sweat and eczema; prevention in the “mildly” food allergic; and fear around food or insects.
  • Grass Attack: Contending wtih summer’s main pollen allergen. [Read more]
  • Multiple Food Allergies: Their baffling rise, and life with 3 or more allergies.[Read more]
  • Allergy-Friendly Recipes: Classic grill recipes, from Fireside Fajitas to Honey Garlic Chicken Wings, Campers’ Grilled Vegetables, Baked Beans and more
  • The Allergy Ministrel: Kyle Dine on his debut CD. [Read more]
  • Allergy News: Alarming findings in restaurant study [Read more]; peanut and pregnancy diet debated; asthma marathon challenge.
  • Ask the Celiac Expert: How to get enough fibre.
  • Healthy Home: How to spot and destroy mould.
  • Nickel Allergy: It has skyrocketed, but this allergy can be prevented. [Read more]
  • Parting Shots: A new drug gives a life-long asthmatic his breath back.


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