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Summer 2010

  • Allergic Living Summer 2010 CoverThe Greenest Olympian: Speedskater Kristina Groves drive to save our planet and our air.
  • The Emerging Allergies: From beef to sesame, lentils and more. [Read more]
  • Where Gluten Hides – 12 places you wouldn’t expect a sneaky protein.
  • All About Eye Allergies: From the itch to the tears, and what to do. [Read more]
  • Allergy News: Breakthrough on milk & egg [Read more]; 1 in 12 Canadians food allergic [Read more]; Peanut sensitivity in milk-allergic kids; cautionary high school tale.
  • Currents: Canadian Network for Respiratory Care’s special asthma and allergy supplement. [Read more]
  • Ask the Allergists: shrimp shells in products; eczema and cow’s milk; nuts vs. seeds; stinging insect reaction.
  • The Allergic Diva: She screams for allergen-free ice cream. View recipes
  • Ask the Celiac Expert: Inventive ideas for snacking gluten-free.
  • Summer Allergy-free Recipes, including allergy-safe Avocado & Cucumber Soup, Arugula & Watercress Salad, Citrusy Steak Salad and Rhubarb Mojito.
  • Ask the Dermatologist: about poison ivy allergy.
  • Hot Topics: Laurie Harada finds wilderness camping not as nuts as it sounds.


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