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The Sulphite Section

Sulphites are Cooking Up Trouble

Consumers can also be fooled by the names on a food label. The word “sulphites” is not always used. Sometimes the chemical compound is listed instead. Here are the names to watch out for: potassium bisulphite, potassium metabisulphite, sodium bisulphite, sodium metabisulphite, sodium sulphite, sodium dithionite, and sulphurous acid. All are sulphites.

There is another mysterious sterious aspect to sulphite sensitivity: It is highly individualistic. Some people can drink a glass of wine. Others will react after a spoonful of sauce that contains a dash of red wine. This means that each person with a sulphite sensitivity will have to tailor his or her plan of action for dealing with food.

If you are sensitive to sulphites, you’ll want to get advice from your allergist and perhaps a dietitian about foods that are safe to eat. There are many exceptions to the labelling rules and you need to be aware of foods that may contain this allergen.

Despite shortcomings though, current labels have proved “a huge help,” notes Brasil. “I have to go shopping with my glasses on; I have to read every ingredient on everything.” One of her personal strategies – avoid imported foods where possible, because the ingredients of’ the listed ingredients are not at all clear.

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