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How You Can Help Lessen Smog, Bad Air

Tips for Your Home (cont’d)

- Plant a tree near your house. Backyard trees may cut your need for air conditioning by 40 per cent, and your need for heating by 10 per cent.

- Turn down the thermostat. In winter months, the EPA recommends turning down the furnace’s ther­mostat to 68 degrees F in the day and 60 degrees F at night.

- Reduce your use of oil-based paints, lawn pesticides and cleaning solvents. When they dry, they release VOCs. By 2010 they will contribute to more than twice the amount of VOCs from all transportation sources.

- Purchase “green power” for your home’s electrical needs. Green power, generated by water, sun and wind, does not create smog.

- Buy energy efficient appliances.

- Use compact fluorescent lights. They require one-fifth to one-quarter of the energy of the old incandescent bulbs.

Sources: Environmental Protection Agency; Pollution Probe; Clean Air Foundation



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