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Food Allergy Overview

Food Allergy Overview

    What is a Food Allergy?

    A food allergy occurs when a person’s immune system identifies proteins in a food as allergenic and begins to produce antibodies – called Immunoglobulin E or IgE – to guard against that food (e.g. shellfish or peanuts).

    Signs and Symptoms of Food Allergy

    Do you sometimes feel sick to your stomach not long after eating? Have you noticed a pattern in the types of food you eat when this occurs? Perhaps you have experienced unexplained skin rashes (known as hives) or vomiting or diarrhea? Does your child refuse to eat a certain food, or complain that it makes his “tongue hurt”? These could be signs of a food allergy, and should be taken seriously.

    Why Are there So Many Allergies Now?

    Why do so many people have allergies today? It’s a great question. And a big question. It’s the answer that’s not as simple.

    The Hunt for a Cure

    In the hunt for a food allergy cure, researchers are hitting some roadblocks, but also inventing some promising new combination therapies.

    The Rise of Multiple Food Allergies

    Allergists say more and more people are walking into their offices with longer lists of foods suspected of causing reactions.

    Forum: When Others Fake Allergy

    Read the discussion on why some people with a food sensitivity or intolerance claim to have an allergy on the Allergic Living forum. Contribute your opinion.

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