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Allergy Basics

Steps to an Allergy-Safe Kitchen

The task is daunting but with a some preparation and a maybe a few new tools, you’ll soon be able to make safe, nutritious meals in the kitchen.

Our Cardinal Rules

Allergic Living’s tips for living safely and well with food allergies.

Ask the Allergist: Allergies in Siblings

Is there anything that can be done to prevent allergies in siblings?
Dr. Wade Watson answers.

Managing Food Allergies

A thorough guide to managing food allergies.

Labeling Questions Answered

When you have food allergies, reading packaged goods labels becomes a way of life. But recognizing if your allergen is in the product isn’t always easy.

Fast Facts About Multiple Food Allergies

According to Dr. Scott Sicherer at New York’s Jaffe Food Allergy Institute, having one food allergy can put you at a higher risk for reaction to other foods. These are some facts about the relationships among food allergies.

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