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Dr.ScottSichererAsk the Allergist: When Can a Child Self-Inject? 
Dr. Scott Sicherer on what age a child can self-administer an auto-injector.
Alice-Bast-150x150The Link Between Celiac Disease and FODMAPs.
NFCA’s Alice Bast explains that gluten sensitivity may come with FODMAPs and IBS. Here’s why one disease isn’t fitting all.
Gina Clowes2The Parenting Coach: Exclude the Treats, Not the Child. 
Gina Clowes gives the scoop on excluding the treats, not the allergic child, in classroom celebrations.
Clifford W. Bassett, MDAsk the Allergist: Could Sports Breathing Issues be Asthma?
Dr. Clifford Bassett takes on exercise-induced asthma.