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Gwen Smith 150x150-3 [1]From the Editors Desk: Teen Food Allergy Tragedies [2]
Gwen Smith writes that with anaphylaxis taking the lives of three teenagers, we are forced again to make sense of the senseless, and to find a way to say: “No more”.
Dr. Sharma [3]Ask the Allergist: What to Do If You Have a Reaction Alone?  [3]
Dr. Hemant Sharma on what to do if you’re having an allergic reaction while home alone.
Alice Bast, NFCA President & CEO blue [4]Looking Beyond the Diagnosis [5]
NFCA President Alice Bast on finding the balance between taking control of her celiac diagnosis and living life to its fullest.
Clifford W. Bassett, MD [6]Ask the Allergist: Food Allergies and Asthma?  [7]
Dr. Clifford Bassett explains how those with food allergies may be at a higher risk of developing asthma symptoms.