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The Milk and Egg Allergies Section


Milk Oral Immunotherapy Not Lasting [2]

Three to five years after completing an OIT study, Johns Hopkins University researchers said that many participants were more reactive to cow’s milk than they had been early in the course of treatment.

What’s New: Milk, Egg Breakthrough [3]

Researchers now believe that 75 per cent of kids allergic to dairy can actually tolerate milk – provided it has been extensively heated through baking. The same holds true for egg.

The Scoop On: Dairy-Free Chocolate [4]

Once upon a time, the only way you could get a chocolate bar free of dairy was to make it yourself!  Companies are catching on that those with an allergy to dairy might still go for chocolate and we now have a few options.

Ask the Allergist: Is Goat’s Milk Safe? [5]

Dr. Hemant Sharma answers a question that many parents of children with cow’s milk allergy have as they search for a suitable substitute.

Managing Milk and Egg Allergies [6]

Milk and egg allergies mostly affect children. Since children usually become allergic to milk and egg as toddlers, there are extra precautions that need to be taken simply due to the age of the child. Very young children do tend to put everything within reach in the mouth, including their own hands.

Ask the Dietitian: Substituting Milk & Egg [7]

How can milk and egg be replaced while still gaining the nutritional benefits? Alisa Bar-Dayan answers.

Avoiding Milk at School [8]

How to navigate school with dairy allergy.