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The School Section

School can be a time of anxiety for both parents and kids – especially when food allergies, celiac disease or asthma are thrown into the mix. See Allergic Living‘s top school articles below.

Schools and Allergies Resource Hub

A roundup of important and enlightening articles on schools and allergies. Plus, links to asthma and allergy action plans, sample letters for school principals, and more.

How to Talk to School Officials

While many schools are making greater efforts to encourage healthy eating, it will be a while before sweeping changes are made which result in less food in schools. In the meantime, parents should continue to advocate for safe environments, and do it in a positive way. Some advice from Laurie Harada.

FAAMA: Inside the U.S. School Allergy Law

FAAMA, the long-awaited U.S. Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Management Act, has finally passed. Here’s what the guidelines will mean for American students at risk of anaphylaxis.

Forum: School Talk

Discuss all your school questions, tips and experiences with other parents on the Allergic Living Forum.

Does Your School Need a Food Allergy Task Force?

A Food Allergy Task Force is the greatest group of advocates a school district can have to increase education and awareness of food allergies, and to keep children with life threatening food allergies safe at school.

13 Best Questions to Ask about Air Quality at School

Allergic Living has outlined some common issues and important questions to ask the school principal or vice principal to find out how good the air is in your child’s school.

Ask the Allergist: Tree Nuts at School

The school restricts peanuts, but not tree nuts. Can you give me any advice on how to keep her safe at school? Dr. Michael Pistiner answers.

Food in the Class

Alarm over the vast numbers of overweight children is leading governments and educators to consider what kids eat at school, how much, and how often. Allergic Living bites into the debate, finding a swing to nutrition holds great benefit for allergic students.

Sabrina Shannon’s “Nutty Tale”

A video documentary serving as a testament to a great girl, one we will never forget.

Off to College – with Allergies

University is a time of great transition, especially for food allergic students navigating meal plans, shared kitchens and pub nights. Allergic Living examines how prepared students – and institutions – are to handle this brave new reality.


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