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The Seafood Allergies Section

What’s New: Boiled Shrimp is Less Allergenic

Researchers find that boiling shrimp for 10 minutes reduces allergenicity.

What’s the Scoop On: Airborne Seafood Reactions

It’s a common question: can the smell of seafood alone cause an allergic reaction? Find out here.

Managing Shellfish and Fish Allergies

From eating out to cross-contamination, we teach you how to best manage your seafood allergies.

Ask the Allergist: Deep Fryer Oil and Fish Allergy?

I’m wondering: is it OK for my 5-year-old with fish allergy to eat restaurant French fries that may be fried in the same oil as fish? Dr. Wade Watson weighs in.

Fish and Shellfish Allergies Explored

Seafood allergy comes out of its shell as the biggest adult onset allergy in North America today.

Fast Facts on Seafood

Can you be allergic to one fish or more? Do crustaceans cross-react with mollusks? Learn all about the relationships (and differences) among the seafood groups.

On the Job with Allergies

In the fast-paced world of the business lunch and the musty office, the allergic employee finds work a risky business.

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