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Soy & Seed Allergies Section

The Scoop On: Why Soy’s in So Many Products

As any soy-allergic person will tell you, it seems as though the small vegetable is in just about everything – and they’re right.

The Scoop On: Sesame Now a Top Allergen

How did sesame land on Health Canada’s list of priority allergens?

Ask the Allergist: Dr. Watson on Sunflower Seeds

Why is sesame viewed as a major allergen and declared in the ingredients of foods – while sunflower seeds and oil are not? Also, since seeds are an issue, should we be worrying about mustard and mustard seed? Dr. Watson answers a reader’s question.


Managing Sesame and Seed Allergies

You’ve just come home from the doctor’s office. You have a white prescription slip for an EpiPen and a newly diagnosed sesame allergy for your child. Life is about to change, but rest assured, food allergies can be managed.

Sesame: An Allergen to Watch

Sesame is yet another one of the highly allergenic foods. So much so that the European Union and Canada have added it to their priority allergen lists, which include peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, wheat, eggs, fish, shellfish and soy.

Lament for Sesame

Writer Janice Paskey’s prosaic account of adapting to life without the ubiquitous and flavourful seed.

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