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Advice on Asthma and Mold Triggers

Q. My son has asthma, and outdoor molds are a trigger in fall. What can I do?

Pat Steele, CRE: Molds are spores produced by certain fungi. They exist in humid places both indoors and outside. The most important step you can take to help your son is to avoid the trigger.

Keep your windows closed when the humidity is high. Your son should also avoid activities such as raking and playing in the leaves or mowing the lawn, as molds in the damp leaves and grass can be
disturbed and become airborne.

If this isn’t always possible, he should wear a mask during these activities. Inside, also watch the moisture control in the bathroom and basement.

*Certified Respiratory Educators and Certified Asthma Educators help patients gain control of asthma, and COPD. For more information about the educators, visit the Canadian Network for Respiratory Care (CNRC) at Pat Steele is a registered nurse and Certified Respiratory Educator* at the Cape Breton Chest Clinic in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

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