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The Insect Sting & Skin Allergy Section


All About Stinging Insect Allergies

For most people, getting stung by a wasp or bee is a painful nuisance. But for those allergic to insect venom, it can mean anaphylaxis. Allergic Living asks Dr. Peter Vadas about risks, reactions and protecting yourself.

Bleach Bath for Eczema [2]

A bit of bleach may be all that’s needed to clear up your child’s eczema, according to new research from the Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.

Cold-Induced Hives [3]

Hives triggered by cold caused me years of itching and embarrassment.
How I finally made peace with winter.

Heat, Sweat Allergy [4]

If a workout brings on hives, it’s less likely the perspiration and more likely your own body heat that’s to blame.

Nickel Allergy-The Nasty Prickle [5]

Through necklaces, fasteners, glasses and even bras, this lowly metal drives millions of North Americans into a frenzy of itching.