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Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease: The Diabetes Link

Managing type 1 diabetes is old hat to 31-year-old Catherine Oddenino. The New Yorker has had the disease since she was 11, and is adept at counting carbohydrates and dosing insulin. But in her mid-20s she was thrown a curveball. Whenever she ate something, she felt like she had food poisoning. After a visit to her doctor, she cut dairy from her diet. But she was also sent to a gastroenterologist who, tipped off by the fact that she had diabetes, immediately tested her for celiac disease.

Two weeks later and it was official: the culprit of her “poisoning” was gluten, not dairy. Now, on top of being keenly aware of how many carbohydrates are in each of her meals and how that will affect her blood sugar levels, Oddenino has to make sure not a speck of gluten is in the food she eats. Read more.

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