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The Asthma Section

All About Asthma

Does Asthma Go Away?

Asthma is a lifelong, chronic condition. There is no cure.

However, asthma can be successfully controlled by avoiding triggers and taking daily controller medications. Once your asthma is under control, it may be possible to reduce the amount of medication you are taking.

In some people, asthma can go into “remission” during the teenage years. However, many of these people develop symptoms again later in life.

Active Living

People often wonder how asthma will affect their life and in particular, their ability to exercise and play sports. But experts agree: it shouldn’t at all!

With a combination of avoiding triggers and medication, people with asthma should be able to live active, healthy lives. In fact, it’s important that people with asthma do exercise, as this helps them build up lung capacity. See Exercise and Asthma

Who Can Help?

An asthma educator is a health professional who is certified to help people with asthma understand their disease and how to manage it. In Canada, they are called either Certified Asthma Educators (CAEs) or Certified Respiratory Educators (CREs) and they have taken specific courses and passed exams in respiratory health.

The educators work in conjunction with doctors and other health professionals to optimize the health and lifestyle of a person with asthma.

Find a CAE or CRE near you.

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