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Our Guide: Planning Ahead

Serious food allergies are challenging enough, but when you hit the road, things can get even trickier. It’s vital to plan your trip ahead of time.

The Scoop On: Air Travel

Let Allergic Living help you prepare for the plane ride. First off, bring your wipes, your auto-injectors, antihistamines, and yes, your own safe food.

Have Kitchen Will Travel: Basics; Sun Destinations

Travel columnist Scott McKenzie and family travel the globe with life-threatening allergies. Here, he covers the basics and takes you on a tour of sunspots for that coveted winter getaway.

Have Kitchen Will Travel: Skiing

Columnist Scott McKenzie takes us on the allergic skiiers’ tour of the major ski resorts in North America. Did we mention the man loves to ski?

News: CTA’s Nuts Ruling

A Canadian Transportation Agency ruling finds peanuts and nuts can be an obstacle to travel for those with such allergies. The controversial solution under consideration? Buffer zones.

Cats in the Cabin Found ‘a disability’

The Canadian Transportation Agency finds the presence of cats in the cabin a health impairment for those with asthma, allergies. Now the question is what will be done about that.

Flying Allergic

Without policies in place to protect its allergic clients, airlines are making flying with allergies more difficult than necessary. For allergic travellers, it means choosing who you give your business to very wisely.

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