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Winter 2011

Allergic Living winter issue 2010Read articles and excerpts from this issue!

  • Family Food Feud: Savvy strategies for dealing with family members who just don’t “get” food allergies or gluten intolerance.
  • Party Appetizers: from Polenta Triangles to Wild Mushroom Risotto Cakes, Mini Burgers, Carrot Soup Shooters, Beggars Purses and lots more. All amazing, GF and allergy-safe.
  • Growing into Celiac: Research shows many are developing (not just discovering) celiac disease later in life.
  • Perfume Allergy: Scientists’ breakthrough findings on which fragrances are safe and unsafe for skin allergies.
  • The Holiday Gift Guide: View it here for the allergic or celiac special someone on your list.
  • Allergy News: When the teacher is the food bully [Read more]; paint blamed for kids’ asthma [Read more]; campaign for clear label law; Air Canada’s new allergy policy; program aims to reduce food allergy stress.
  • Currents: Canadian Network for Respiratory Care’s asthma/allergy supplement: how to breathe well in winter; cool tips on dust mites; experts’ Q&A. Read more
  • The Celiac Expert: What’s In, What’s Out on the GF Diet.
  • Spotting Asthma in Kids: When is a wheeze just a wheeze, and when is it asthma?
  • Gluten-Free Girl: We Cook, and We Are Home.
  • The Substitutes: Great alternatives for buttermilk, sour cream and egg whites. Read more
  • Cold Comforts: Stay warm with our great finds in the Allergy Shots section.
  • Ask the Dermatologist: Dr. Sandy Skotnicki-Grant on allergy to jewellery.
  • Ask the Allergists: Flu shot and egg allergies, nut-roasting at the mall, allergy to books, and mango peel.
  • Acupuncture for Allergies: A renowned institute embraces Chinese allergy approaches.

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