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Gwen Smith: From the Editor's Desk

No Regs for the Weary

Next Steps:

Let’s keep the pressure on the government to pass these regulations. We can win this yet. But we need to stay vocal now.

1. If you haven’t sent your letter via the write-in campaign, please do so now – here. We’ve gathered over 8,700 letters in total from Round 1 and 2 of this campaign. And the tally is growing.

If you have sent a letter, thanks for the support! Can you think of anyone else who would take part? (It’s not just for those living with allergies or celiac, any supporter can send a letter.)

2. The groups in the campaign have now written a letter to all Members of Parliament, asking them to press the Prime Minister to pass the regulations. See it here and send it to your MP, too.

3. Call the Prime Minister’s Office, and let them know how much you and your family need these regulations: 613-992-4211.

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