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Summer 2011 U.S. Edition

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  • Get Your Life Back! When your child has food allergies, your own quality of life can really suffer.
    Here’s how to balance caution with truly living life.
  • Schooled in Asthma: The evidence is in: going to school near a busy highway greatly increases the odds of a student having an asthma attack. So where are the urban planning answers?
  • The Skinny on the Gluten-Free Diet: Will eating gluten-free shed pounds as well as pain? Don’t bet on it.
  • Thrill of the Grill: Fire up the barbecue and try out Chef Simon’s tenderloin salad, South Asian chicken and veggie skewers.
  • This Allergic Life: Caught on camera: a bee sting brings down elite athlete Katie Compton.
  • Food Allergy Experts: Drs. Sicherer and Sharma on introducing peanuts to kids, milk in asthma inhalers and coconut allergy.
  • The Parenting Coach: Gina Clowes on what not to say when trying to help your kids’ school understand food allergies.
  • Ask the Allergy & Asthma Expert: Asthma and pregnancy, and keeping control of exercise-induced symptoms.
  • The Celiac Expert: Shelley Case provides the ultimate nutritional comparison chart of gluten-free cereals and granolas.
  • Gluten-free Girl: Shauna James Ahern on simply saying “no” when your own child offers a gluten-laden food.
  • Gluten-free Goddess: Karina Allrich craves simplicity. Recipes: Blueberry Crumble; Strawberry Salad; Berry Parfaits.
  • Allergy News: Cat vaccine breakthrough, pot allergy smoked out; severe asthma study.
  • Healthy Home: The friendliest flooring for people with allergies or asthma.
  • Ask the Dermatologist: Dr. Sandy Skotnicki-Grant on the possible causes of flaky, red eyelids.
  • Lawn and Short of It: A promising alternative to allergy shots could spell the end of summer suffering for those with grass allergy.
  • Adult Allergies: Mireille Schwartz on what it’s like to be seafood-allergic in the one of the fishiest cities in the U.S.
  • Natural Beauty: Sun shy? Refuse the rays but get the look with tints, tanners and bronzers.
  • Hot Stuff: the latest and greatest products for people with allergies and asthma. Allergen- and gluten-free cookies; skin care for young and old; indoor air-quality boosters and more.



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