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A Food-Free Halloween? You Bet!

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At the end of the party, instead of candy, children can be given:

  • Books with a Halloween theme (second-hand stores carry a large selection of children’s books)
  • Small children might like a kaleidoscope (get it from the dollar store and decorate it with Halloween stickers to keep with the theme)
  • Glow sticks are fun and handy if kids do plan on going out for Halloween.
  • Ribbon wands are a big hit amongst the smaller children.  When I couldn’t find any Halloween-themed wands, I created some. Here’s how:

Halloween Ribbon Wands
(see image, below)


Wooden dowel ¼-inch thick x 12 inches long
Rubber nib (Home Depot)
1-inch wide satin ribbon, approx. 3 feet per wand
Dental floss
Sewing needle with a large eye
Electrical tape


1. Paint the dowels in Halloween colors. Fold one-half foot of end of the ribbon over cut a small x in the double layer. Attach the eyelet (follow the instruction on the package).

2. Take a length of dental floss approx. 7 inches long, double it and tie the ends together in a large knot. Thread loop through the needle and push it through the tip of the rubber nib. Remove the needle. Push the loop through the eyelet and then insert the nib through the loop so that the ribbon is attached to the nib.

3. Place the nib on one end of the dowel and wrap electrical tape around the other end about 4 inches up to create a handle.

Ribbon Wands



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