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Allergic Living’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

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Allergy-Friendly Gifts for Adults-2

Got someone on your list who can’t wear a conventional watch due to metal sensitivities? Go green and gorgeous with fashionable wooden watches from Tense. We love the rugged Men’s Dark Sandalwood Sports Watch and the modern yet classic Women’s Oval Digital Sandalwood Watch. $109 CDN and up at


Her eyes will light up at the new collection of Bare Minerals READY Eyeshadow in vivid, long-wearing shades that are non-irritating to sensitive skin. Silky smooth shadows offer the benefit of anti-aging antioxidants while remaining free of synthetic fragrances and dyes. Set of 4 complimentary colors, $30 US / $31.50 CDN at Sephora stores or

Pour some allergy-friendly holiday cheer with Luksusowa Vodka. This award-winning vodka from Poland is distilled from potatoes, not grain, and the company promotes it as gluten-free (and free of the top 10 allergens). Refreshing served straight, over ice or as your favorite martini. $13 US / $25.40 CDN for a 750 ml bottle. At fine wine and spirit retailers. for stores and drink recipes.



Made from recycled juice boxes, this cell phone holder from Rebagz sparks colorful conversation with its eco-chic style and one-of-a-kind hand woven design. The removable strap is long enough to loop though belt loops and purse straps. $20 US at


There are some great and inspiring cookbooks out this holiday season. AL highly recommends The Gluten-Free Baking Book by Heather Butt and Donna Washburn, which makes a great gift for a celiac single interested in small portion recipes. $24.95 US / $27.95 CDN. Meantime, Welcoming Kitchen by Kim Lutz has 200 inspirational allergen-free, gluten-free and vegan recipes. $17.95 US / $21.95 CDN. Well-known gluten-free cookbook author Carol Fenster also turns her talents to the garden with 125 Gluten-Free Vegetarian Recipes. Fenster provides a flavorful selection of main, apps, stews, baking and more. The recipes are dairy- and egg-free, to boot. $18 US/ $21 CDN.


Our approach to allergies, asthma and celiac disease is always a positive one: learn how to live with it, not suffer from it. That’s why we don’t mind suggesting a subscription to Allergic Living as a great gift for you, a friend, family member or a teacher at your child’s school. As low as $19 for one year, with best prices on two-year subscriptions.


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