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Winter 2012 – Canadian Edition

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  • The Ultimate Party: Enjoy food and friends worry-free by hosting your own party. with AL’s outstanding recipes. No nuts, dairy, gluten, fish, etc. Recipe excerpt: Seared Lamb Fritters.
  • The Gluten-Free Goddess sweetens the party table with Chocolate Layer Cake and lemon and ginger cookies.
  • A “safe” level of peanut? Researchers are seeking a controversial threshold of peanut in food to open up grocery choices. But will it work for all?
  • Stylish Healthy Home: We show you the off-gassing trouble spots, then find you the best low-VOC furniture, cabinets, paints and more.
  • Exclusive: Dietitian Shelley Case’s full nutritional analysis of GF pasta brands.
  • In the News: Celiac pill; the scientists who have ‘turned off’ peanut allergy; closing in on a dust mite vaccine; study on pb sticking to sports equipment. Plus: almond oil and the manicure: safe or not?
  • Ask the Allergists: Drs. Watson and Waserman on eczema and milk allergy; latex allergies and pacifiers; asthma triggers and hairless pets.
  • Hot Topics: Anaphylaxis Canada’s Laurie Harada celebrates food allergy awareness success, but still sees gaps.
  • This Celiac Life: Dean McDermott, aka Tori Spelling’s husband, on his plans to be a gluten-free entrepreneur.
  • Celiac and Your Teeth: Dental defects as a celiac symptom. It’s a discovery is so new, even your dentist may be unaware.
  • The Allergic Diva: Pamela Lee on how to make your own allergy-safe chocolates.
  • Allergic Living’s Gift Guide: Great ideas for the allergic child or celiac adult on your list. Online here.
  • Gluten-free Girl: Shauna James Ahern on a cookbook’s growing pains.
  • Flying Trouble: A group of MDs argues that pets in the plane cabin are a health risk to those with asthma/allergies. Will the airlines listen?
  • Our Story: A boy’s oral food challenge doesn’t go quite as planned.
  • Teen Confidential: The straight good on how teens manage their food allergies at school.



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