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Epinephrine in the Schools Bill: Lobby Your Senator

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Because the bill has bipartisan support, Durbin and Kirk are optimistic about its chances. They told Allergic Living that they will look for opportunities this Congress to move the bill, possibly as part of a larger piece of legislation, or on its own.

“I will work with Senator Kirk to pass this bill to ensure we’re taking every appropriate step to protect kids in their schools,” said Durbin.

Get Writing!

U.S. citizens can help make this bill become law – and potentially save a child’s life – by writing to their Senator.

FAAN has provided a sample letter that you can customize with personal details, such as your child’s specific food allergies. Click here for the letter; simply copy and paste it. To find your senator, click here, then use the drop-down menu on the top right of the webpage.




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