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Making Allergy-Friendly Chocolates


By Pamela Lee

All are free of: The top 8 allergens, sesame and gluten. Enjoy! Making your own chocolate treats is a crafty and fun-filled way to spend the afternoon. Here are some of my favorite my recipes for: chocolates, ganache frosting, chocolate clay figures and bouquets.

Homemade Chocolates

Try whipping up some professional-looking chocolates with store-bought molds in fun designs for every special occasion.

“Tempering” will be crucial. That’s the process of heating then cooling chocolate to specific temperatures to produce glossy-looking treats that “snap” when you break them and look store-bought. Chocolate is finicky (one drop of water can ruin an entire batch) and it burns easily – so go slowly. It’s best to make small batches of a few chocolates at a time until you get the hang of it.


  • 1 bag of allergen-free, semi-sweet chocolate chips*


  1. Using a BPA-free microwave-safe plastic bowl, melt 2/3 of the chocolate in the microwave slowly until it reaches 110° F. (I set my micro to power level 2, and checked the temperature using a chocolate thermometer every 25 seconds.)
  2. With a silicone spatula, stir in the remaining unheated chocolate until it melts. Stir until the thermometer temperature reaches 88° F, then pour into molds.
  3. Overfill a little, and use a straight-edged knife to level. Gently bang the mold on a flat surface to release air bubbles. Refrigerate until the chocolate is set, then release from mold.

*Note: I used Enjoy Life Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mini Chips for this recipe and the ganache. There are other brands of allergen-free chocolate available as well.

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