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Cats Can Stay in Plane Cabins, CTA Rules

Covell, who is on a number of national and international committees that require air travel, has taken to booking flights a day in advance in hopes that she’ll be able to get on at least one without a cat. “Once I was on a 40-minute flight and they put me in the front of business and the cat in the back of economy, and I was sick for the next week,” she says.

Now that the two main Canadian airlines have submitted proposed policies, the CTA will give final direction that must be implemented. WestJet declined to comment to Allergic Living until a final policy has been approved.

Air Canada declined a request for phone interview, but a representative said in an e-mail: “We looked at how we could best balance the needs of all of our customers, and we believe our policy is prudent as we strictly limit the number of animals on any given flight to two to four, depending on size of aircraft.”

But the complainants contend that’s placing the wants of cat owners ahead of person’s health. “The problem isn’t just on the flight, but once you get off the flight, you continue to feel sick,” says Daviau. “The reliever only works for so long.”

The Canadian Medical Association and the Canadian Lung Association had also urged a ban on cats in the cabin, arguing that reactions to the pets could be serious, even life-threatening, at 40,000 feet in the air.

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