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Spring 2012 – Canadian Edition

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  • 17 Ways to Reclaim Spring! From pills to potions, therapies, smart planting, eco cars and gadgets, Allergic Living proves that – even the allergic can enjoy spring.
  • This Allergic Life: Best-selling author John Grisham recounts solving his own real-life, allergy mystery. [Read more]
  • Essay: Time to End Tragedies: We can prevent food allergy deaths. We have the tool, the auto-injector. Here’s how we stop resistance to it – and spare precious lives. [Read more]
  • Autism Answer? A renowned celiac researcher sets out to scientifically link gluten with autism.
  • Healthy Home: Spring cleaning that leaves you breathing easy.
  • The ‘Mild’ Peanut Allergy: A new test can distinguish a life-threatening peanut allergy from one that just brings hives and itching.
  • In the News: CTA allows cats to stay in plane cabins, the push for Megann’s Law, a urine test for asthma, the high rate of anaphylaxis, and May’s for celiac and allergy awareness.
  • Quick + Delicious: Chef Simon’s jazzes up the weekday menu with suppers that are allergy-friendly, gluten-free and temptingly tasty.
  • Ask the Allergists: Questions on: outgrowing allergies, shellfish skin reactions, playing soccer with asthma, stopping meds for testing and peanut allergy in a sibling.
  • Celiac Expert: Shelley Case bids adieu to white rice and hello to deliciously healthful whole grains.
  • Allergic Diva: Pamela Lee on why kids must carry allergy and asthma meds on themselves; plus her carrier choices.
  • Hot Topics: Laurie Harada sees school tragedies as the stark reminder of the urgent need for good allergy and asthma policies.
  • Currents: CNRC experts on the pollen’s hidden allergy toll, weight’s role in asthma, and kid-friendly decor with allergies. [Read more]
  • Our Story: How food restrictions have altered who we are as a family.



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