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Summer 2012 – Canadian Edition

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  • Her Allergic Life: TV parenting expert Jo Frost, the former “SuperNanny”, on dealing with restaurants and airlines with serious food allergies and asthma. Plus, her advice on allergic kids.
  • Flying Into Stormy Skies: How the inconsistent food allergy practices of some airlines are driving some allergic customers nuts. What can be done? (Plus, see our Comparing Airlines chart here.)
  • Celiac Disease & Your Love Life: It’s time to talk about the fact that celiac can have a big impact on your libido.
  • What My Kids Taught Me as an Allergist: When Sarah Boudreau-Romano’s own child was diagnosed with food allergies, her world turned upside down. [Read more]
  • Asthma Educators’ Currents supplement: Advice on camping with asthma, handling a heat wave and soothing tiny noses. view
  • Ask The Allergists: Questions on milk allergy and growth, mustard reactions, testing whether allergies are outgrown and when to worry about an insect sting.
  • In the News: Food allergy prevalence hits 7%, migraines linked to celiac, why Amish kids aren’t allergic, and Canada’s first certified gluten-free food – Lay’s chips.
  • Healthy Home: Got mold? We’ve got the scoop on how to rid it from your home.
  • Allergy-friendly Products: Our editors pick beach totes for safe foods, sunscreens, snacks for your road trip and more!
  • Super Safe Recipes: From sesame-free hummus to warm quinoa spaghetti (with capers and arugula), our allergy-friendly twist on the healthy Mediterranean Diet. [Sneak peek recipe here.]
  • Summer ‘Sicles! Fabulous Strawberries ’n Cream Watermelon Pops from GoDairyFree’s Alisa Fleming.
  • New Food Labels Arrive: Anaphylaxis Canada’s Laurie Harada explains what they cover – and what they don’t.
  • The Celiac Expert: Columnist Shelley Case’s best gluten-free summer reading.
  • “I Thought I Had Control”: Adults who’ve wrestled with asthma “control” learn the joy of breathing freely.
  • Allergic Diva: Editor Pamela Lee tackles teenage skin that’s prone to eczema and acne.
  • Our Story: By jumping out of a plane over New Zealand, my daughter showed me the importance of enjoying life, even with allergies.





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