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Is It Safe to Eat The Airline’s Gluten-free Food?

3. Shauna James Ahern, of the Gluten-Free Girl blog

AL: Shauna, as you have celiac disease, do you trust and eat the gluten-free meals offered by some airlines?

SJA: Gwen, it’s so funny that you ask me about this today. [May 24/12] We’re leaving for Italy tomorrow, so I’m just dealing with this. We’re flying Air France. They say they have a gluten-free meal and a completely allergen-free meal. [Read the details of that meal here.]

Since they were so careful to describe their free-from meal and the amount of precaution they take, I’m going to trust it. Let’s hope I’m not sick in Italy. [Update: Shauna made it safely to Italy and is offering up great tales of Tuscany on her blog.]

4. Mike De Cicco-Butz, of the blog Gluten Free Mike. As a frequent flyer in his day job in public relations, Mike had lots to say on this topic, so we’ve included it all for readers.

AL: You have celiac disease and you’ve written about eating good GF meals on airlines. Have you had concerns about potential cross-contamination?

MDB: I have had good meals at 35,000 feet and if I said I didn’t have concerns, I would be lying. Cross-contamination is always in the back of my mind. With flying it required taking a proverbial leap of faith that thankfully has paid off.

In the million plus miles I have flown since my diagnosis 12 years ago, I have never had an issues with my gluten-free meals being just that – gluten-free. I am also severely allergic to shellfish and, quite honestly, I worry more about that when it comes to in-flight catering.

[Airline] catering companies around the globe seem to keep their gluten-free meals very basic from an ingredient standpoint, steering clear of other food items that might pose a problem.

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