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Fall 2012 – U.S. Edition

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  • School Food Allergy Super Heroes: Meet our remarkable educator “heroes” – honored for always keeping food-allergic students safe and included.
  • Staying Safe at School: The vital steps to accommodations including IHCP and 504 Plans.
  • The Map of Food Allergy: Dr. Ruchi Gupta on her study that finds cities and southern living impact food allergies.
  • Dairy & Gluten – Doubled Trouble: Avoiding gluten but still having symptoms? Dairy intolerance may be a factor.
  • Food Allergy Experts: The allergists take questions on: calming the allergy-anxious child, allergy vapors in the restaurant and why we get hives.
  • Super Safe Recipes: From pot roast to pork loin with pumpkin to a savory chili, we luxuriate in slow cooking.
  • Spice Pear Cobbler: scrumptious and dairy- and gluten-free. Plus: Caramel Apple Oat Bars.
  • Healthy Home: How to create the bedroom that breathes – with no VOCs, little dust and dander.
  • Allergy-friendly Products: Our editors recommend eco-friendly lunch bento boxes, cool cargo pants with meds pocket; allergen-free soups, deli meats and cookies.
  • Parenting Coach: Gina Clowes’ guide to help grandparents “get” the food allergy rules.
  • Celiac Central: NFCA’s Alice Bast on the issues facing the gluten-free freshman.
  • Gluten-Free Girl: Shauna James Ahern’s tricks to bring convenience to the GF diet.
  • Allergic Living’s Asthma Handbook: Still struggling with control? Read this essential article to spot your solution.
  • Asthma Finds: New asthma tracking apps for your smartphone; an allergy-trapping doormat.
  • Allergy News: High level of reactions in babies, egg therapy’s mixed results, celiac kids’ bone health, and Will Ferrell gets insensitive about allergies.
  • Celiac Expert: Shelley Case on the advent of good, gluten-free bread.
  • FAAN Views: FAAN’s Maria Acebal finds unexpected rewards in parenting an allergic child.
  • Our Story: A mother rolls up her sleeves to ensure the allergy rules will be followed for “the new kid” at school.





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