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Food Allergy & Marital Stress: What’s Your Story?

In a coming issue of Allergic Living, writer Carolyn Black will be exploring the topic of food allergies and marital stress.

Readers have often alluded to the strains that the daily vigilance of dealing with a child’s food allergies or celiac disease can put on a marriage, and Carolyn plans to explore the biggest issues, and help to find ways to reduce the tensions. We hope this article can help to get parents working as a team again.

If you have a story of struggling to get your spouse on the same page because of food allergies, or you’re finding it hard to manage a joint custody arrangement with allergic kids, we’d appreciate hearing about it. We want the positive too: maybe you’ve got advice on how you keep a marriage healthy with a child with food allergies or celiac disease? That would be most helpful as well.

Write to us at – and please use “Marriage and Allergy” in the subject line. As we appreciate that some stories may be highly personal, you can ask to have a pseudonym used in the article if Carolyn approaches you for an interview.

Thanks very much to all who participate. It is the stories of what happens in “real life” that allow Allergic Living to take specific examples to the experts and get the most helpful advice for finding the way out of challenging situations. And ultimately, it is always these stories that hit home with our readers.

Thanks again for your time and support.

Best regards,


Editor, Allergic Living


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