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Allergic Living’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Allergy-Friendly Gifts for Babies & Kids

Sweet Sensitive Baby Sammy from the Goldberger Company was created just for infants with asthma and allergies. She’s made of materials that are allergy-friendly and don’t contain chemicals that can trigger symptoms. She can be frozen, then washed to minimize dust.
US: $14.99 at Tuesday Morning Stores and
Canada: $14.99 at Winners.

Your little girl and her best doll friend can share a safe playtime meal. American Girl’s Allergy Free Lunch includes a healthy plastic lunch, smoothie, medical bracelet, allergy stickers, a pretend epinephrine device and a fun lunch bag. Great for getting kids to think about stay-safe strategies in a non-threatening way.
US: $28 plus tax, shipping at; site also lists retail locations.
Canada: $28 plus shipping at


Gifts for Kids & Teens

Kids will have a thrill on a hill with the Yardboard, which surfs over surfaces from snow to grass and dirt. The board requires no boots or bindings, and is made from virtually indestructible BPA-free plastic. A great way to keep kids with asthma and allergies active. For ages 6 and up.
US: $99 at
Canada: $119 at independent toy stores, visit for locations.

When third grader Savanah Groft dropped a few stitches crocheting a round placemat, the Pocket Disc was born. Now fair trade-produced in Guatemala, the cotton, colorfully patterned disks are great for games on the fly. There are two styles: sport ($16.95 US/$19.99 CDN) and, for indoor use, regular ($9.95 US/$11.99 CDN), with a wide range of patterns.
US: see
Canada: see for retail locations.

Olli Lolli’s stylish Cargo Pants feature a specially designed pocket perfect for carrying an auto-injector or asthma inhaler. Made from 100% organic cotton twill, kids can balance style, comfort and practicality.
US: $49.95 plus shipping at
Canada: $49.95 plus tax, shipping at

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