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Making Allergy-Friendly Candies

Next are our boiled candies: lollipops, toffee and caramels.

Boiled Candies

Working with boiling sugar requires total attention, but the results are so worth it.

Tools: You’ll need a large, heavy pot (for instance cast iron); a candy thermometer; a pastry brush; a wooden spoon; a long-handled ladle; food grade silicon  molds (I used Lekue  molds); lollipop sticks; and parchment paper (to pour the candy on and wrap finished candy).

• Work with a glass of iced water beside you, and stay at th­e stove while sugar is heating. As the mixture boils, dampen a pastry brush and run it around the inside of the pot to stop sugar crystals forming.

• Heat the mixture slowly until the heat is high enough to keep the temperature going up – but low enough that the sugar doesn’t burn. The finished mixture will be extremely hot.

• Before you start, pour a few inches of warm water into your sink and prepare your molds. Plan your steps while waiting for the sugar to boil.

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