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Valentine’s Day Fun – Without Food

For food-allergic kids, Valentine’s can feel like a minefield of forbidden chocolate. But now they can get their hearts into the day too – with Allergic Living’s creative crafts.

Is Valentine’s Day is all about chocolates and candy? No! Valentine’s Day is about expressing your affection for others. What better way that to create something far more personal than a store-bought goodie?

Just let your imagination go. So gather up those craft supplies, like ribbons and wadded up tissue paper, and pull out your cookie cutters. There’s no telling what you might make.

My daughter and I spent a wonderful few hours creating the following. We hope they will inspire your own creations.

Heart-Shaped Crayons

– wax crayons
– muffin tin or silicone pan

Tip: If you use bright-colored crayons, you will end up with sensational-looking hearts to give to friends.

Heart People

– scissors
– heart-shaped cookie cutters
– glue
– craft foam
– 8 ½ x 11-inch paper
– googly eyes


Love Bug

– glue
– toilet paper tube
– red or pink tissue paper
– googly eyes
– craft foam
– party picks
– paper (for banner)


Tissue Paper Heart

– scissors
– heart-shaped cookie cutter
– white glue
– pencil
– cardstock paper
– tissue paper (various colors)

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“Stained Glass” Window Hanger

– scissors
– hole punch
– glue
– wax paper
– tissue paper (various colors)
– cardstock paper
– ribbon or embroidery thread



Cute Caterpillar

– sewing needle
– embroidery thread
– pompoms
– googly eyes (optional)
– party picks


Heart-Shaped Pillows

– scissors
– sewing needle
– embroidery thread
– an old towel
– cotton batting or cotton balls

Tip: We used the blanket stitch for one pillow and a basic running stitch for the other.

Last of all, have a lot of fun making these crafts. We hope they will delight your friends and loved ones on Valentine’s Day!

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