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Alice Bast, NFCA

Never Too Early to Start Educating Kids

Educate, Don’t Intimidate

With each conversation about nutrition or gluten-free food, remember that learning is a process. If your child reaches for a breaded chicken finger or huffs and puffs when you read a label, don’t despair. The good news is, by talking with your kids, you’ll learn exactly where their knowledge stands.

Can they pick out a safe snack? Do they know which questions to ask at a restaurant? Even resistance can be a sign, like knowing that she’s not ready to speak up when her friends are around.

Most of all, let them know how proud you are with their progress. Just like in school, kids need a gold star when it comes to gluten-free awareness.

Alice Bast is the Founder and President of NFCA (National Foundation for Celiac Awareness). Find kid-friendly gluten-free recipes, educational games and personal stories at


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