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Hotel Havens for Allergies and Asthma

Fairmont’s Millennium Park in Chicago has the reliability of PURE Solutions seven-step air process.

A sister Fairmont hotel, The Chicago Millennium Park, rivals the Vancouver location in allergy care, but the management took a different purification route with their hypoallergenic rooms (from $209/night), outsourcing to the rapidly growing global company, PURE Solutions.

“We sell an ‘experience’ that is turnkey for hotels and offers consistency to allergic customers,” says Brian Brault, CEO of PURE Solutions. His company employs a patented seven-step process to purify rooms, from floor to ceiling.

When a hotel signs on with PURE, it typically converts 5 to 10 percent of the rooms, preferably in a block, wing or entire floor. All hard and soft surfaces in each room are deep-cleaned and disinfected, and the room is sealed for a high ozone shock treatment to ensure sanitization. Technicians then apply the company’s proprietary static barrier to the walls, carpet, furniture and drapes, which reportedly eliminates microorganisms.

Mattresses and pillows are sealed in micro-fiber encasements with reinforced seams – which fend off any lingering dust mites.

To keep the air clean, PURE installs a medical-grade, four-stage ULPA air filtration system (ranked above HEPA filtering), which is designed to kill 98 to 100 percent of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Finally, all air handling systems are thoroughly cleaned and a tea tree oil insert (which can be easily removed upon request) is added as a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent. PURE returns every six months to perform testing, and every two years they repeat this initial purification process.

“We don’t want to have to rely on the hotel staff to maintain, so we take an aggressive approach,” says Brault. He does admit that there is margin for error when working with hotel staff: an anti-dust mite pillow casing could go missing in the laundry or a staff member could turn off the air filter. But even if the room door is left open, allowing outside elements to temporarily visit, Brault reassures that the room will correct itself in 20 to 30 minutes of the door closing.

PURE currently limits their services to cleaning, covering, and ongoing purification, but most hotels that employ Brault’s service tend to go the extra mile with fragrance-free toiletries and additional allergy-friendly amenities.

Grand Hyatt Kauai offers splendor and business facilities with purified air.

Travelers can quickly search for PURE certified accommodations at, which is nearing 300 hotels worldwide. The Hyatt brand of hotels is the largest PURE client, with about 120 hotels in their program, including the popular resort and spa the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek in Colorado and the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa in Hawaii. Meantime, the Hyatt Dulles hotel near Washington, D.C. extends PURE’s hypoallergenic services from rooms to business meeting spaces through its new “Meet and Sleep” program.


Crystal Cruises’ Serenity ships out with allergy friendliness.

PURE has even gone offshore, literally, with 70 staterooms on Crystal Cruises’ ultra-lux Serenity ship. Beginning this winter, travelers can enjoy going port to port throughout the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Asia while taking in the fresh air at sea and in-room, at no additional cost (starting at $1,950/six-day cruise).

According to Brault, the demand for PURE rooms has expanded rapidly, with 1.4 million guests per year now experiencing these hypoallergenic upgrades. “We get feedback all the time that these rooms change people’s lives.”

Above and Beyond

Experts in the hospitality industry are thinking of new and creative ways to help their guests breathe easier:

  • Seaport Boston Hotel and World Trade Center reduces irritants with a non-toxic electrolyzed water-cleaning system and a chlorine-reducing solution in their pool.
  • Golden Arrow Resort at Lake Placid, New York forgoes dust-gathering upholstery and carpeting for leather furniture that repels dust mites, and renewable bamboo floors.
  • The Fairmont Vancouver Airport provides synthetic bedding with the feel of feather and offers afternoon tea with gluten-free sandwiches and desserts.
  • Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa went smoke-free on their entire property and renovated guest rooms with low-VOC paints to minimize off-gassing.


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