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AllergyEats Releases List of the Most Allergy-Friendly Restaurants

AllergyEats, a popular website and app that lets users rate restaurants according to their allergy-friendliness, has released its 2014 list of the most allergy-friendly restaurant chains.

“We’re pleased to announce the 2014 list of the most allergy-friendly restaurant chains in the country.  These restaurants have demonstrated a superior willingness and ability to accommodate guests with food allergies,” said AllergyEats founder Paul Antico, who is also the father of three food-allergic children. AllergyEats has ratings on over 650,000 restaurants across the country.

The chains were grouped into three categories, based on how many locations they have: large (over 200 locations), medium (50 to 200 locations) and small (under 50 locations).

Without further ado, here are the most allergy-friendly restaurants in the U.S., as rated by users of AllergyEats:




Congratulations to all these restaurants for going above and beyond when it comes to accommodating food allergies. Extra congratulations to Burtons Grill, who received the highest rating of all at 4.9 out of 5.

See all restaurants or download the app at allergyeats.com [1].

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