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Fall 2014 – Canadian Edition

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  • All About Drug Allergy: Discover the main offenders, the types of reactions & what to do when medicine backfires in your body. 
  • The Great Glutening: Despite their best efforts, up to 70 percent of celiacs are still getting glutened. Why is this?
  • That’s Saucy: Pour the sauce on thick and indulge in the flavours of fall with our delicious one-dish meals.
  • Fiend for Fashion: An allergic 4-year-old’s wild imagination meets haute couture – and an Internet star is born.
  • What You Must Know About Food Reactions: Experts hare the newest advice and the latest findings. Eighteen key points you’ll be glad you read.
  • Teen Tenacity: Meet two extraordinary youth leaders who strive to empower their allergic peers.
  • Allergy News: New inhaled asthma drug, the cause of EoE solved, proof of gluten brain fog, Sabrina’s Law is spared, and more.
  • Classic Diner Recipes: Bourbon burgers, monster meatballs, amazing gravy and chocolate cheesecake squares. In one word: divine.
  • The Food Allergy Experts: Questions on: What to eat during pregnancy, taming ragweed symptoms, banana allergy and more.
  • Healthy Home: Choose the right cabinets and countertops for a beautiful, breathable kitchen.
  • Hot Topics: Laurie Harada strives to close the knowledge gap on allergies at school.
  • Petite Sweets: Perfect Parisian pastries without gluten or allergens? Mais oui! 
  • Plus, much more!



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