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Food Allergy

Allergy-Friendly Halloween Candy and Resources


Safe Treats and Food-Free Fun

Halloween Costumes and Crafts

  • Exclusive: DIY teal witch and wizard costume-making instructions.
  • Get Creative! From sassy foam spiders to hanging bats and felt pumpkins, try our amazing new Halloween crafts.

PTPP-2The Teal Pumpkin Project

Our friends at FARE are encouraging everyone to raise awareness of food allergies by providing non-food treats for trick-or-treaters and painting our pumpkins teal (the color of food allergy awareness). 

  • Halloween 2015: ‘Can the Teal Pumpkin Rival Orange?’; learn all about the program.
  • FARE’s Teal Pumpkin Project Map allows any family shelling out food-free treats to add their home address to the custom map here.
  • Meet Becky Basalone, the woman who started the teal concept on her Tennessee porch.

Articles and Parenting Advice


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