Gift Guide 2015: Allergic Living’s Best Holiday Giving Ideas

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Published: December 3, 2015

Balance Wonder with childAllergic Living’s annual gift guide offers up cool and creative ideas – especially for those on your list with allergies, asthma and celiac disease.

Gift Ideas for Kids

Trade in those training wheels for a new Hape Balance Wonder Eco Bike. The sustainable wooden rider forgoes the two-wheel transition by teaching active pedal-free coordination first, and is adorned with water-based paint for fume-free fun.

U.S.: $99.99 at
Canada: $129.99 at


Giant Microbe- Antibody



Their popularity may be reaching pandemic-like proportions, but the only thing you’ll catch with GIANTmicrobes is a smile. The stuffed shapes are rooted in science to provide entertaining educations for kids of all ages. More than 150 “Original series” organisms are available, including Antibody (shown), the Common Cold, Dust Mite and White Blood Cell.

U.S.: $9.95-$14.95 at
Canada: $11.95-$14.95 at


AlertWear-17Carrying medications gains sudden appeal when your child sees that Alert Wear’s Owl Medicine Case comes with a Matching Doll Case for his/her favorite toy companion. The full-size quilted cotton bag holds 2 auto-injectors and an inhaler, and the set is made with your choice of fabric and strap style.

U.S.: $48 at
Canada: $65 at


Floppy Monkey Image


Your little one will go bananas over a plush Healthy Baby Floppy Monkey from Kids Preferred. The cuddly creature is suitable for toddlers, certified asthma and allergy friendly, and can be machine-washed frequently to keep dust mites, dirt and dander at bay.

U.S. or Canada: $17.99 at







Medieval tales and little imaginations burst to life when kids are cloaked in Sarah’s Silks tunic Knight Costume and Fairy Dress with wings. The soft sustainable silk garbs are durable, itch-free and hand washable.

The knight costume for kids ages 4-8 includes belt and cape in two bright colors. The dress for ages 3-6 comes in four colors. (Crown, sword and garland are not included.)

U.S. or Canada (shipping extra): Knight costume $38; fairy dress $54 at



Gifts for Tech Toy Fans

Smart Ball

Soccer enthusiasts will get a big kick out of the miCoach Smart Ball. Built in sensors transmit data on strike, speed, trajectory and spin to the device app (iOS + Android), which provides skill tracking and technique tips. Indoor/outdoor usability promotes healthy lungs and food-free activity.

U.S.: $200 at
Canada: $220 at




Make a sound choice with SleepPhones Wireless headphones. Removable speakers housed in a soft, phyoallergenic, machine-washable headband let loved ones rest easy and rejuvenate the immune system. Available in five colors: blue, pink, lavender, black and gray.

U.S. or Canada: $99.95 at


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