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Food Allergy

Food Allergy & Celiac Awareness Month ToolKit 2016

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Essential Info: Six That Save Lives
Managing: Talking Food Allergies: Snappy Comebacks

A Kid’s Viewpoint:
I am a Child with Food Allergies (Girl) 
I am a Child with Food Allergies (Boy)

Must-Share E-Booklet
ebooklet18 Things You Need to Know About Food Allergy Reactions

A food allergy reaction is a potentially life-threatening response. Among the questions our readers frequently ask are: Just when is it anaphylaxis? How common are severe reactions? When do you give an epinephrine shot? And when is it safe to presume a milder reaction? Here is a primer of 18 key points about allergic reactions.


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Tools From FARE

FARE logA Wakeup Call: FARE’s newest video about the importance of being prepared for anaphylaxis.
Food Allergy Awareness Poster: React with Respect
Food Allergy Facts Handout

Key Dates

Tools From Beyond Celiac

BC.logoRaise awareness for Celiac Disease with Beyond Celiac’s powerful #60ForCeliac Video.

Fast Facts about Celiac Disease
Invisible Illness


Tools From AAFA 


Food Allergy & Asthma Awareness Month Social Media Tools
Ally & Andy Awesome Asthma & Allergy Activity Book
Asthma & Allergy Awareness Events Calendar

Tools From Allergic Living

Woman checking food labellingFood Allergy Must-Have Basics
How to Read a Label When You Have Food Allergies
How to Read a Label If You Have Celiac Disease
Are You Using Your Auto-Injector or Inhaler Correctly?

Ask the Allergist
How Do I  Know When to Use My Auto-Injector?
How Does Epinephrine Turn Off an Allergic Reaction?

School Resources ThinkstockPhotos-178590721
7 Mistakes to Avoid at a 504 Meeting

Schools and Allergies Resource Hub – U.S.
Schools and Allergies Resource Hub – Canada


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