U.S. College Directory: Comparing Food Allergy & GF Policies-North Dakota

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Published: November 22, 2016

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North Dakota

North Dakota State College of Science

Disability Services

  1. Doctor’s note with medical documentation required for accommodations?
    If a request is based on a disability, then yes, requires medical documentation.
  2. Paperwork filed with disabilities office required for accommodations?
    All students with special dietary concerns asked to complete the accessibility services form. The Accessibility Coordinator determines if the student’s allergy/dietary need rises to the point of a disability. Then AC discusses with team whether that student’s case is a legally mandated accommodation or a courtesy accommodation. This information is then given to the student.
  3. Food allergy fair or similar event at start of year?

Dining Services

  1. Dietitian or dining services staff available for a meeting before applying?
    Yes. AllerTrain-certified Food Manager is onsite to meet with students.
  2. Is ingredient or allergen information onsite/online?
    Not at this time.
  3. Dining staff trained regularly on food allergy, celiac disease, cross-contact?
    Training has begun and will be ongoing monthly as well as using various other methods to communicate-posters, newsletters, etc.
  4. Pre-made allergy-friendly meals available?
    Yes, prepared by AllerTrain-certified dining staff.
  5. Ingredient substitutions available?
  6. Separate utensils and separate area in kitchen for
    food allergy/celiac orders?

  7. All dining halls able to accommodate allergies, gluten-free diet?
  8. All retail sites able to accommodate allergies, gluten-free diet?

Residential Housing

  1. Area on housing form to indicate food allergies/celiac disease?
    Not at this time, but will research to determine the best method to include this on our housing application.
  2. Resident Assistants trained on allergic reactions, auto-injector administration?
    Residential Life staff are trained in protocol to respond to medical emergencies. Specific allergen-response training will be available to Residential Life staff beginning Fall 2017.
  3. On-campus residence required in first year?
    Yes, however student can request a waiver of this policy due to special circumstance.
  4. Meal plans required if in on-campus housing?
    Yes, however can request a waiver of this policy due to a disability.
  5. Possible to group food allergy students as roommates?
  6. Microwaves/mini-fridge allowed in rooms?
  7. Room with kitchenette available, even if freshman?


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