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Winter 2013 CA

Winter 2013 – Canadian Edition

To subscribe to the Canadian edition of Allergic Living, click here. To subscribe to the American edition of Allergic Living, click here. The Accidental Chef: The crazy journey of Sarah Boudreau-Romano (aka Allergist Mom) to learn to feed her kids with multiple allergies. The Great Indoors: Four designer homes created for air quality, sustainability – and […]

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Food Allergy & Marital Stress: What’s Your Story?

Are you and your spouse not on the same page over food allergies? Tell us about the challenges.

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Survey Finds Many Unprepared for Anaphylaxis

Media Release / Sanofi Canada / Nov. 1, 2012 According to a new 2012 Leger Marketing survey commissioned by Sanofi Canada, an alarming number of Canadians at risk of anaphylaxis do NOT always carry or have immediate access to an epinephrine auto-injector. And many are uncertain about how to correctly use the device. Low level […]

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Majority Not Carrying An Auto-Injector for Allergy

An alarming 63 percent of adults at risk of anaphylaxis do not always carry an auto-injector with them.

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Actress’s Battle with CBS over Celiac Disease

Actress Jennifer Esposito is upset that she’s been put on unpaid leave from the TV series “Blue Bloods” because of issues with her celiac disease.

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2012 State Asthma and Allergy Honor Roll Released

AAFA has identified the states with the best statewide public policies supporting children with asthma and food allergies. Did your state make the grade?

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Julie Bowen PSA

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Allergy-Friendly Halloween Crafts

Awesome Halloween crafts and non-food alternatives.

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City Kids More Prone to Food Allergies

If you’re a kid living in the city, you’re a lot more likely to have a food allergy than if you live out a farm. In fact, you’re also more likely to have a food allergy than kids living in your city’s suburbs or in adjacent small towns, with the gap growing as the population […]

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Read Sample Issue of Allergic Living, U.S. Edition

Allergic Living is the new health and lifestyle magazine created specifically for those living with food allergies, environmental allergies, celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Enjoy this issue, and it’s easy to subscribe to Allergic Living here. Like this sample edition, every issue is full of engaging, in-depth articles, advice from top experts and superb, allergy-safe […]

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