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John Gordon and colleague Wojciech Dawicki.

Cell Therapy Seen as Potential Food Allergy, Asthma Cure

Novel technique reduced anaphylaxis by 90 percent in food-allergic mice.

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Auvi-Q Makers Announce Relaunch of ‘Talking’ Auto-injector

Epinephrine auto-injector to be available to U.S. allergy patients in the first half of 2017.

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Mylan to Pay $465 Million to End Medicaid Payment Dispute

Lawmakers had charged EpiPen maker was significantly underpaying program.

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Lunchables Ham and Crackers Product Recalled Over Allergy Risk

950 pounds of lunch product are pulled from grocer shelves.

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chaffetz chairman

House Committee Presses Mylan for Paperwork on EpiPen Profits

Congress seeks numerous documents and explanation on tax-factoring.

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Panera, Ex-Worker Settle Food Allergy Harassment-on-Job Case

Resolution involves Panera statement to affirm it takes food allergies seriously.

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Proposed Peanut Allergy Prevention Guidelines

The new guidelines for the introduction of peanut in both the healthy infants and those at high risk for allergy will become an addendum to NIAID’s 2010 Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergies. Following is a summary of the draft guidance for high-risk children: • The expert panel recommends that, to reduce […]

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Special Report: Top Studies from the AAAAI 2016 Allergists’ Meeting

We bring you extensive coverage from the largest gathering of allergists in the world.

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Celiac Disease Treatment Licensed and Headed to Late-Stage Clinical Trials

The drug, based on the compound larazotide acetate, has received FDA “fast track” designation.

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Adult-Onset Food Allergies Video: Relearning How to Shop, Eat, Socialize

Have you or someone you know had a severe food-allergic reaction as an adult, completely out of the blue? In this webinar produced for FARE, Allergic Living’s editor Gwen Smith delves into the details of living with adult-onset food allergies. From the steep learning curve over how to eat and socialize safely, to the confusion of friends […]

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