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Why You May Be Wrong About Your Penicillin Allergy

Nearly 400 Americans die each year as a result of penicillin allergy. Though this statistic speaks to the seriousness of penicillin allergy, recent research reveals that this allergy may not be as prevalent as originally believed. According to a Mayo Clinic report, majority of people with a history of penicillin allergy did not test positive […]

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FDA Adds Warning for Cardio Risks to Asthma Drug Xolair

Review found slightly increased risk of suffering from heart attacks, mini-strokes with the injectable drug.

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Nannies Nervous About Giving the Allergy Shot

While 99 percent of nannies are aware a food allergy can be fatal, 46 percent were uncomfortable with using an auto-injector.

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Celiac Disease May Increase Hip Fracture Risk

A new study from Sweden has established a link between unmanaged celiac disease and the risk of suffering a hip fracture.

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